Additional Extras

Some rooms have a double sofa bed in the living room; If you require a room with a sofa bed, please request when booking in order to have it ready made up on your arrival

Checking in

Check in times are between 2:30pm – 9:30pm.
If an earlier check-in is required, please contact reception on the day of arrival to confirm the rooms availability.

Our Reception is not open 24 hours

If for any reason your expected time of arrival is delayed and outside of our standard
check-in times above, please inform reception as soon as possible in order to
make the necessary arrangements.

Timbers Country Lodge does not run a 24 hour reception service

Checking Out

The standard check-out time is 10.30.  If for any reason you need a later check out, please speak to reception on the day you arrive.


Full payment is expected during the booking process
Please note, any advanced bookings such as reservations for wedding guests or private events, need to be paid in full at the time of making the reservation.

Cancellation Policy

If you cancel prior to 12pm the day before you were due to arrive, there will be a cancellation charge of £20 per night, per room, the remainder will be refunded.
If you cancel any time after 12pm. the day before you were due to arrive, there will be no refund, the cancellation fee will be the full room charge for the nights booked.

Booking on-line

Booking on line is not 100% fail safe.  Systems can fail or network faults can occur at the time of booking.  We therefore advise guests to book direct by phoning our reception on 01366 347747 especially if you are booking in advance for attending a wedding or event. Phoning reception direct is the safest way to guarantee and secure your reservation.   Should any on-line Booking System failures occur, they are dealt with to the best of our ability by speaking directly with the system owners, our receptionist is not to blame.  Please email for reporting any issues.