Coffee Menu

Speciality coffee at Timbers Country Lodge
Espresso ~ £1.60
Small but potent full bodied, rich black coffee with a lid of gold crema

Americano ~ £1.80
A coffee prepared by adding hot water to an espresso, giving a similar strength but a different flavour

White coffee ~ £1.90
Prepared with an espresso, topped with water and a dash of milk

Cappuccino* ~ £2.40
An exceptional balance of steamed milk poured over a full bodied espresso onto which luxurious micro foamed milk is poured. A choice of dusting of chocolate, cinnamon or nutmeg

Latte* ~ £2.50
A coffee made with a third espresso and two thirds of steamed milk, topped with micro foam

Liquor Coffee ~ From £4.50
Fresh cream floater coffee with a choice of Jameson’s, Baileys, Tai Maria or Cointreau.

Chocolate Menu

Italian Hot Chocolate*  ~ £2.50
A thick and creamy luxurious Italian hot chocolate

Mocha * ~ £3.00
A shot of espresso combined with a rich sweetness of Italian steamed chocolate finished with foamed milk and dusted with chocolate

Speciality coffee at Timbers Country Lodge

Tea Menu

Traditional Tea ~ £1.80
A traditional blend of English tea

Novus – Green Tea ~ £2.00
Dragonwell Green
Organic Jasmine
Pai Mu Tan

Novus – Black Tea ~ £2.00
English Breakfast
Sapphire Earl Grey
Organic Darjeeling
Spiced Chai

Novus – Herbal Tea ~ £2.00
Egyptian Mint
Citrus Chamomile
Wild Encounter (Fruit)
Persian Pomegranate